Thursday, April 2, 2009

Where my Peeps at?

Yo, here they are. Nice and stale, just the way I like them. I always get a box for Easter, remove them from the box, then let them sit out for about a week and a half until they can be classified as a mineral or rock. Mmmmmmm, perfecto. These are a little mauled thanks to Brody. I had to save their lives out of the sticky fingers of the Tasmanian devil.
Well, it's snowing again. Isn't is supposed to be spring? That's what I thought. We decided to make bird feeders anyways. Here is Baylor rolling pine cones in peanut butter and then bird seed. I would give this project a 6 on a mess scale of 1-10. Brody helped....uh, clean up. He licked the peanut butter, licked the pine cone, licked the bird seed and then licked the table. What can I say, he's a clean freak like someone else I know.

Speaking of the little monkey. Here he is sitting in my crock...yes, I said crock. It's an antique but we use it to store magazines and small children.
What a crock.

It's band night yo.


MamaMiller said...

Peeps are great. That was my nickname growing up from my Dad. I'm quite fond of the yellow ones. Have fun at band!!!

Janice said...

I think you should change the peeps pic to one missing a head, that would be funny!