Monday, May 4, 2009

Burn baby burn

I had an amazing weekend at Chalk the Walk in Mount Vernon.  Thanks so much to my friends who helped watch the boys, my mom who spent her entire Saturday with the rascals and everyone who came to visit Diane and I as we sat and roasted in the sun.  I'm not quite sure what I was thinking not applying sunscreen the two days with the most perfect weather.  Full sun on totally white arms equals lots of pain.  Our masterpiece turned out wonderful and the title, "wingin it" suits it very well since we really did wing it most of the time.  We wanted to do something original and had two rough sketches and came up with the work.  I wish you could see it in person because the photos don't do it justice.  It was also like a mini vacation for us because we got to bask in the sun, we had free lunch and we didn't have to chase children!  
I sold a few things but gave out a lot of business cards in hopes of continuing with making more personalized frames for people.   I had two people give me some windows that were sitting in their garages and one lady wants to sell me a few of hers.  The money from the sales goes directly into my dental bill...which came in the mail today....I about fell over.  

We also unloaded a huge truck load of sand today (thanks Micah and Diane!) into the tractor tire and the boys are thrilled.  There is already sand all over my house, but I will grin and bear it because I know how much they enjoy the sandbox.  I just need to find a cover for it to keep the stray cats from dropping a deuce in their play area.....that or a pellet gun.  I hate cat poop. 

The house is a disaster zone so I must be productive and clean!  

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Crazy Mom said...

Speaking of Bills, the hospital charges about 20 grand to remove an appendix. Those little thumb sized organs are expensive. Now we're just waiting on the surgeons bill, the anasthesiologists bill, 2 ER bills, 2 ER Doc bills and a breakdown of my pain meds. Unfortunately, I have no talents to sell to help pay for it all.....
I LOVE managed health care!