Tuesday, May 19, 2009

By golly I think summer might be here soon

...almost.  It's 83.  Woo baby.  Summer is just around the corner! 

So the winners from the name that weed contest are Andrea and Janice...it turned out to be violets.  Thanks for all of your advice and help...and I'll be getting those er, uh...prizes out soon :)  How about a nice bouquet of violets?  The lawn mower is still broken so we're growing a jungle over here.  The stinkin thing is only two years old and we think it might be the alternator.  I give up.  Maybe we'll just get a goat.  

My project today is taking the chairs outside and scrubbing them down....or getting out the jack hammer because there is some strange stuff caked on there.  Mmmmmm.  I also have two stools that will get a painting and each boy will get their own.  

Out to get sun on the legs and hopefully not frighten the neighbors! 


Janice said...

I think you should go for the goat, then you could also save on groceries and get one you can milk or make soap from the milk

AnE said...

you do have a fenced in yard, and I dont htink lisbon has any rules against goats as pets..... fainting goats eat lots of grass ;)
ps. I will get you a pic of the barn, I just keep forgetting.