Friday, May 22, 2009

Call me old fashioned

My mom sent me this email the other day and I couldn't help but giggle when I read it.  It was a good giggle, but it also held many truths when it comes to living our lives now as opposed to, "back then."  Most of us survived infant hood, childhood and are thriving here in adulthood (am I an adult yet? I beg to differ some days...) and look what we had to endure. Now I am not at all advocating that you don't protect your child, put them in a 45 point safety harness while riding in moving vehicles and put them on their backs when sleeping, I just think sometimes we go a tad overboard.  

Some of our mothers drank, smoked and took aspirin while we were hanging out in the uterus.  They also ate blue cheese, tuna and drank coffee. (I ate tuna and drank plenty of coffee and my kids are perfectly happy and healthy) After we arrived (most of the time without drugs, but I have to say I quite enjoyed mine!) we were put to sleep on our tummies in large puffy beds surrounded by stuffed animals, bumpers and painted with lead paint.  We're still alive.  

There were no such thing as child safety locks, lids or helmets for riding your bike.  Some of us were even without car seats, booster seats and riding in the back of a truck was a fun summer activity.  As kids we drank water from the hose and not from biodegradable organic water bottles.  We ate cupcakes, white bread, real butter and bacon.  For the record, I always use real butter....I don't care, I refuse to use the fake plastic stuff....eww.  We also drank Kool-Aid made with real white sugar....I know, hold back your gasps. When we ate was out of the fridge not a drive through window.  The funny thing is we weren't overweight. Why? We spent the day outside playing and running.  No 300 channels, xBox, Wii or Leap Frogs.  My brother and I were outside from sun up to sun down and most of the time my mom didn't hear from us until we got hungry.  We also had which we TALKED to by either a. the phone...not cell phone or b. we walked down the road or hollared through the fence if we wanted to play.  We fell out of trees, broke bones, lost teeth, ate worms, made mud pies and shot BB guns.  Still alive. 

I know what you're thinking.  Man, this lady is crazy and her kids must be crazy too.  They eat real butter and dirt.  I just want to see my boys grow up to be responsible, learn from their mistakes, fall off their bike a few times, eat plenty of dirt to realize that it tastes gross and experience childhood the way we did (for the most part)  I am glad for the advances in safety and I'm even more ecstatic for Veggie Tales DVD's when I can have 45 minutes of peace and quiet on a rainy day.  For the record, we're a very healthy family too.  I don't feed my children white bread with butter and white sugar for every meal....just a few.  They happen to see plenty of fruits and veggies, but I don't withhold sweets because I can foresee a problem later down the road.  Let them be kids and you be the parent.  Teaching them to be responsible is one thing, but being responsible yourself is another and moderation is always a good thing to practice. 

So it's Friday.  Go ahead and drink some kool-aid, send the kids out to make mud pies and remember that God is watching over us and our children.  I'm going to go get myself a cupcake.....

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