Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Death to Pear

Not the name of my most recent poetic work however.  

It's what happened to Pear Gigantico (the window with a big pear on it) this morning when I was ironically trying to wrap it up in bubble wrap for the friend who bought it.  Cracked.  Tears. Grumpiness.  I'm trying my hardest to recreate this work of art, but it's not working.  Luckily the person who is buying is very understanding!  

There was also a hole in the our new "swimming pool" that the boys were so excited about using today.  More tears (just not mine) We might be investing in one of those hard plastic ones that can sustain dog claws and rough boys.  I think it will be worth our while.  We had to settle for a big tub yesterday instead.  Pretty amusing.  
I pulled out the sprinkler today and Baylor kept proclaiming how much he loved me.  Gee, if it only takes a little water to get him to profess his love for me, I might carry a squirt gun at all times.  

I have vowed to try to complain less about situations I cannot control.  It's a gorgeous day out, I have my new swimming suit on (but terrified to go outside) and my kids are both healthy for once a long time.  God is good.  Art can be replaced.  Pools can be mended.  Rhubarb pie can be eaten.  

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Crazy Mom said...

I don't see it as complaining. I see it as venting...and really, what a better community to vent to than other mommies and friends?

I'm just glad I'M not the cracked pear lady!