Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I have come to the conclusion....

...that I will never again do or have these things in life....and I'm okay with that (for the most part)

1. Have a clean house or at least a clean house that lasts for more than five minutes.  I can't keep up with these two destroyers of all things.  After spending the morning on the kitchen, I turn around to find a nice painting on the peanut butter.  Oh, Joy.  There will always be dog hair and sticky fingerprints somewhere.  

2. Sleep soundly and for long periods of time...ever ever ever.  I'm not really okay with this, but that's what caffeine is for.  

3. Have a day that goes by that I am not thankful for the blessings of two healthy boys and a wonderful husband. 

4.  Boobs.  I tried to convince Lonnie that we should invest in a little enhancement but that didn't go over too well.  

5.  The laundry done....and I mean ALL of the laundry washed, dried, folded and put away.  It's like an evil cycle.  

6. A day that my children eat what is put in front of them (including the horrible green things called beans) without a peep.  

7. A day that 2pm rolls around and I'm licking the chocolate cake advertisement in a magazine because I can't find the stinkin chocolate that I hid.  

8.  Not be able to look at Brody doing something ridiculous and laugh.  This kid deserves his own show.  Like today when he wiped out in the grass and laid there for a moment and then yelled, "SAFE!" 

9.  A date with Hugh Jackman.  Sorry, Hugh...I'm taken.  

10. A post where I spell everything perfectly and my grammar is amazingly accurate.  

11. A bathroom that doesn't smell like pee.  I mean seriously, how hard is it to ready, aim and fire into a porcelain bowl.  You'd think with three males in the house, one of them could hit the toilet.  

12. Real honest to goodness alone time.  I always feel like I'm forgetting something or feel guilty about leaving my children and rush to get back.  This will never change.  

13. Towels that match. Where is the fun in that?  

14.  Perfection.....and I like it that way.  

You have to learn to laugh at life's little annoyances, mistakes and imperfections and especially in motherhood.  Your children might turn out like those kids in Children of the Corn if you don't.  When things don't go your way, someone doesn't nap as long as they should or your whole wheat muffins resemble hockey pucks, you just have to grin and bear it.  All of this coming from miss anal herself.  
This is what we're getting Baylor for Christmas.  
A box filled with sticks, rocks and leaves.  What more could a boy want.  


jamie k said...

I BUSTED out when i read #7- and all of them! :)

saras said...

Love #4!!! What the heck happens to them after kids?! Seriously! I love this, I just have to let go of the clean house thing! I'm a CLEAN FREAK and that is my downfall!
~Sara Sundblad

MamaMiller said...

Boxes make great cages.