Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's okay to be jealous

It's okay to be jealous that this is what I see when I look out of my enormous window in the kitchen.  A huge fenced in back yard.  Just kidding, jealousy is a sin.  


I am very thankful for this though.  VERY THANKFUL.  I am however, not thankful for a large yard when I have to sprint across it to save the neighbors from having to catch a peek at Baylor's boy parts.  Note to self: DO NOT let Brody just pee outside whenever he deems necessary...it will become a habit and then the drawers will drop at a moments notice.  Saves on TP though.  
I feel like this most days too.....except for my teeth are less pointy and I'm sure my breath smells minty fresh.  This is Baylor's newest toy obession.  Tiny T-Rex.  
The apple blossoms from our tree....which ironically has one apple every year.  Last year some little kid walked by and picked it.  I chased him down the street with a broom.  

Not really, but I thought about it.  

These blossoms and the stinkin trees that are pollinating are causing my nose to itch and me to sneeze.  
If little boys could design heaven, I'm sure it would include a giant tractor tire filled with sand.  
All he needs now is a little glass of milk with an umbrella in it.  
He LOVES this sand....but you can't tell at all.  

We've officially become redneck, but what the hey...we love it.  Nothing says I love you to two little boys than a whole heck of a lot of sand.....in a big ole tire.  

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the Broffitts said...

I love tire sandboxes!!!