Thursday, May 21, 2009

Me nakee

No, it's not a home perm...SOMEONE figured out how to open the pantry and took out the tin foil.  So we made some fun out of it.  
Trying to talk to the "others" using his super helmet.  Maybe if we sit him on the t.v, we can get NBC again!  
"Me Nakee" which translates from Brody into a somewhat understandable phrase of, "Me Naked."  Those were the words that came out of his mouth as he bolted for the door (naked of course) and went straight for the water.  Many apologies to the neighbors, FedEx guy and random older gentleman walking his dog.  I SWEAR my kids wear clothes....sometimes. I love summer weather because I can get away with putting them in just shorts (which eventually come off) and save on laundry!  

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Kim said...

Both boys trying to cram into that little basket is cracking me up. Oh, to be your neighbor!
By the way, I glanced down the side of your blog and I feel honored to have our own little category. I suppose we are a little different. :)