Monday, May 25, 2009

"My son would never do that"

There are two phrases in parenting that should be used few and far between.  Those two little words are NEVER and ALWAYS.  I often use these phrases lightly in conversation or even in my head when I hear a story about another child doing something crazy or unexplainable.  We all know by now that my children NEVER do crazy or unexplainable things.  


I had heard many horror stories of little boys using their little boy parts to spray pee all over anything.  Bathroom walls, their, each other...of course the first thing in my always running never sleeping head was, boys would NEVER do something like that.  We pee IN the toilet.  


For days I would fall asleep in my bed only to be abruptly awoken from my beauty sleep by the pungent aroma of urine.  (Now, the following might gross people out...especially if you don't have kids, many apologies and I hope you never have to endure this later in life!) I could not find the source of this pee smell and it was driving me up the wall.  I have a very sensitive nose and this annoying odor was causing loss of sleep.  FINALLY...finally, I was on my hands and knees, sniffing everything in sight and was lead to the tiny space in between the bed and the wall.  I leaned over and took a big whiff of the, "crack" of the bed and nearly passed out.  Houston, we have a problem.  Apparently, my oh so perfect oldest son decided that rather than napping (which he does in our bed) he would water the carpet....pillows....heating pad...suitcase...whatever called that small space home.  Long story short, we had a little chat about relieving oneself IN the toilet and not in the crack of the bed!!!!  The sheets have been laundered and I cannot get that urine smell out!  So after you get done laughing, could you please tell me how to get the urine smell out!!! 

On a side note, poor Brody is sick today.  We took him to the urgent care clinic with a high fever with ibuprofen and found out he still has an ear infection along with a weird virus.  Of course I was worried about swine, avian and whatever animal flu is out there.  Hopefully the antibiotics will clear things up in his ear and the virus will pass quickly, he is not a happy camper.  

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial day and remembered to thank those who serve and have served our country!


Crazy Mom said...

Vinegar and/or ammonia is/are supposed to work wonders, but then of course, everything will smell like vinegar. What about some Febreeze?

Brigitte and Ben Johnson said...

Try Borax. It's supposed to eliminate urine stains and odors. It's super cheap and you can find it at Walmart. You get a bang for your buck, as it comes in a pretty big box. I think the brand that they sell is 20 Mule Team borax. You find it in the detergent aisle. You can use it for anything, by the way. I used it to take out a huge infant vitamin drop stain from our carpet. I know old time farmers used it to keep their clothes super white and to get the stink out. I know this sounds corny, but it works wonders!

Janice said...

You could try to put a few drops of the tea tree oil in the wash or in a spary bottle for other objects. I use it to wash the cloth diapers to get rid of odors.
If you want to try the borax, dont buy some, come here and get some, I have a box of it, use it in my laundry detergent.