Sunday, May 17, 2009

Name that weed

We'll get to the weed later....first watermelon of the season.  You can tell by the drama in his face that he's really enjoying this.  Baylor LOVES watermelon. 
Savoring each mouth watering bite...

....wait boy, not the Rhine.  
Here is it.  The weed that is taking over our lawn.  It's believed to be a Creeping Charlie (not just the scary guy down the street) but we wanted to make sure.  So all of you lawn weed experts here is your chance to shine.  Name that weed! (and for extra credit, tell us how to get rid of it) Points will be deducted from your answer if you show any sort of arrogance, we just want it gone people. 
Little Brody man likes watermelon too....
This was the attempt at a photo shoot this morning before church.....and all I got was this face. 


Kim said...

That looks like Charlie. I was so excited that we had the little purple flowers in our yard this year (I always like them in other people's yards). Philip gave me a weird look and informed me that was Purple Charlie. Don't know how to get rid of it...this year we're embracing it and picking flowers.

Crazy Mom said...

CC is REALLY hard to get rid of. You have to keep digging, burning, and/or using icky chemicals to get rid of it. Good luck.

Andrea G. said...

I am not weed expert, I thought your mom was though, but I think that is a violet. Creeping crawly has different leaves and although hard to get rid of because it sprays fast, their is a spray. Voilets, however, are VERY hard and even harder to get rid and AWFUL to dig up by hand as I am sure the one in the picture was :) I totally could be wrong though!!!! Whatever it is I equally HATE them and unfortunately is one of the only thing that grows on our hill that is our lawn!

Janice said...

I'd need to see it better, BUT if it is viney, it is creeping charly, which is part of the mint family and edible. AND a pain in the hiney to get rid of without alot of chemicals and would leave ugly bare spots that the lawn nazi would be very unhappy with.
But it does look more like a violet to me, which dont always bloom, or you have mowed it over before it did. I have never tried to get rig of one because I let the girls pick them and they are kinda pretty.
Sooooooo did it vine or have tiny purple flowers on it? Then it is creeping charley. Butif it doesnt and has purple or whit flowers, it is probably a violet.
Did I win? And what is the prize anyway?