Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New to us

There are a few rules in the Speidel house that always seem inevitable....

1. Whenever the man of the house is away or has to work on a holiday, one or more children will fall ill.  

2. Whenever one large or important appliance breaks, all the others will follow suit.  

Lonnie had to work on memorial day so of course Brody fell ill.  He's going better, think the antibiotics are helping! Rule number two......the mower went ca put, then the BBQ grill followed close behind.  

Now for the good news.  Whenever something icky seems to go wrong, God always seems to find a way to say, "Hey there! Yea, you....who refuses to trust that everything will be okay...Yea, I'm talking to you....TAKE THAT!"  And I am once again reminded of his sovereignty and many blessings.  I was nervous about the cost of the meds with Brody going to the doctor and low and behold the total came to $ .00!  

Although a grill is not a necessity, it sure is nice to have in the summer because our kitchen gets so hot because of lack of air conditioning.  Out of the blue, my aunt and uncle decided that they don't like their grill and would like to give it to us (all of this being done without a word mentioned that our grill had bit the dust)  God is good.  So we have a new to us grill that just needed a good cleaning and heating element.  Another side note on God's amazing blessings for the week is that we had been looking for a bike trailer for the boys, but they are few and far between at garage sales, so we tabled the possibility of getting a new one.  It so happens that a friendly neighbor and church friend wants to pass theirs on to us.  I'm stoked.  

And finally, the mower is fixed and it wasn't anything serious.  Now I get to go mow....yee haw.  

So once again God decides that he is in control and I better take a back seat, reminding me of the little things in life to be thankful for....like grills, mowers, hand me down bike trailers and medicine that costs $.00!  

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