Monday, May 11, 2009

Stats update

Baylor's first smore.  We toasted marshmellows at my parents house this weekend.  He gave me the burnt part (which is by far the best part) of the marshmellow.  
Brody man was a little freaked out by the whole fire thing....he kept making the fire truck sound. 

"I seep"  which translates from toddler into "I sleep" 
And why not? Nothing is more comfortable than a dog bed. You go for it little guy.  

Brody Man.  Always asking for a "nack" which also translates into "snack" Here is his current stats:
Age: 21 months 
Weight: 27 lbs and solid as a rock
Size: 6 shoe, 2T or 24 months shirts, 18 months pants....because he's a midget
Favorites: The sand box, snacks, reading books and rocking, throwing sand, drawing on anything except appropriate drawing material, swinging, laughing, throwing dramatic tantrums and entertaining us.  
Least favorites: Sharing, coming inside, sharing, taking naps and sharing. 

The kid has also had a runny nose for almost two months.  All of you health professionals out there? Is that normal?  Allergies maybe?  If I could market snot, I'd be a millionaire.  

Baylor man.  Really growing up and still cracking us up.  
Age: 3.75
Weight: 34lbs
Size: 8 shoe, 4t almost a 5T 
Favorites: The sandbox, throwing sand in Brody's hair, snaking not eating, playing make believe with himself (you should hear the conversations he has, it's hilarious) Thomas the Train, Dinosaurs and reading magic eye books.  

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Crazy Mom said...

You have one kid that looks EXACTLY like you, another who looks EXACTLY like his father. How funny! Incidentally, they're both cute, but Brody is HUGE! Maddie at the doc 2 weeks ago tipped the scales at 25 lbs. She'll be 3 in August!
:-) Talk about a pain in the neck trying to find clothes that fit a tall skinny girl....ugh!