Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What I worked on today....

Here are the two posters I'm working on for our Grand Celebration of Brass Bands this June.  
Yes, you can laugh now.  It's a big ole brass band festival featuring (us) the Eastern Iowa Brass Band, The Chicago Brass Band and The Madison Brass Band.  It will be in Amana this year at the RV park (think captive audience) and always worth the trip.  These have taken up most of nap time....grrrrr

This morning I did escape for a few hours to attend the BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) intro class so I can attend in the fall. We'll be doing the book of John.  I'm excited but it will take much discipline on my part.  There is also a rockin childcare program for BOTH boys.  

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Crazy Mom said...

We have one of those by us. Don't they cycle thru every 7 years or so?