Monday, June 29, 2009

Sugar Free

I would consider our house a pretty healthy household. We eat lots of fruits, whole wheat foods, try to eat veggies, we don't drink juice or pop and try to limit the sugar intake of everyone. We also try to stay away from fried foods and the "fake" processed stuff. There is always room for improvement and trying to find healthy sugar free kids snacks is hard. I also think that life is short and you shouldn't stress out about weather your kid eats an Oreo....I'm fairly certain they'll survive.
My darling husband Lonnie has suggested that we go as sugar free as we can, giving up sweets(which are only made if company comes over) and that includes *gulp* ice cream. He wants to limit it to one sweet treat per week. I think I might die. I have the biggest sweet tooth this side of the Mississippi. I agreed to this but not without a fight. I need my chocolate break at 1:40, and it may only be one square of chocolate but it gets me through the rest of the day. I am willing to make my family even more healthy, but I will confess that I'm the one dragging my feet. Moderation is a key component of any healthy diet and I know this won't be that difficult since we don't really have that much around the house anyways, but it doesn't make it any easier.

So I'm open to any healthy snack ideas for kids....VERY picky kids. Wish me luck, I may be very grumpy for the next few weeks because my blood sugar is low!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Aaaaaaaand we're back

The boys with Grandpa Mike and Grandma Lila. This was right before we had to leave and Baylor cried his little eyes out. He had so much fun!

It was amazingly hot and humid down there so they bought a pool for the boys....all of them.
Lonnie and his sister Christina at the Cards game.
Here we are at the Cardinal's game...dripping with sweat, sad from defeat but still having a blast. It was 95 at 8pm with 80% humidity. Despite the heat and sitting in amongst mega Twin fans, we had a great time.

I had to take a photo of the toothless beer guy. First of all, I think he was missing a few front teeth, which was awesome and secondly, beer was $7.75!!!! Dear Lord. These guys yell so loud you may lose bladder function if standing unaware of your surroundings and they shout out, "COLD BEER!"
Oh, Albert baby. You were off your game, but I still love you. He waited until game two of the series (which we were not at) to hit a home run. Thanks dude.
This is James the turtle, Baylor watch and poked and prodded and dripped with sweat. Poor turtle finally escaped.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hot mama

This is my mom. She's hot isn't she? She's taken though. This pretty photo was taken at a wedding she was in this weekend. She'll probably kill me for this, but I think she looks amazing for a granny :)

The sound of chainsaw in the morning....

There is Millie's house and the middle tree that blew over.
Here is our house on the right. It smashed the sidewalk too. They're taking two of the trees.....bye bye shade! They're gorgeous old trees, but they were destined to fall soon.

Nothing like the sounds of chainsaw a six in the sweet sweet music to my ears.

No. Not really.

I am glad however, that the enormous tree in our front yard missed both ours and the neighbors house. Lonnie and I had bets on when it was going to blow over in the next storm. We had 80 mph winds last night with a nice thunderstorm and that took out the tree. They're going to take both the trees (the one next to it) for safety reasons, but leave the biggest one in front of our house....gee, thanks dudes. The boys should have a fun day watching chainsaws, cherry pickers and heavy machinery.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Daddy Day

You really can never tell what kind of a father the man you marry will be until you have children of your own. Sure, he can play with kids and look cute and hold a baby, but can he really lead a family and love his kids the way God has designed? My husband is such a wonderful father! He loves his boys so much, he teaches them disciplines them in love and just has fun with them. I couldn't ask for a better father for my babies.
I love you!
He shows them how to make fire (a manly must) plays with them on the floor, wrestles, reads (using all the funny voices of course!) and prays with them. He works so hard so I can stay home and raise our children. He takes time out of his busy schedule to love on his kids. I am blessed and so are they.
This is Lonnie's dad (and our Papa Mike) Thanks for being such a wonderful grandfather to the boys. They love you so much and can't wait to see you soon! Thanks for raising a wonderful son to be the man he is today. He is a quiet spirit and our wise rock and he couldn't have done it without the loving support of his dad. Thanks for loving Lila and showing your children what a Godly marriage is.

This is my dad (Grandpa Steve) and his load of Crappies. Thanks for the wonderful fishing memories 101 crappies in one hour. God has blessed me with a wonderful father too! Thanks for supporting our family, loving Kort and I and giving us such wonderful memories. Thank you for loving mom and continuing to grow in your faith. Thanks for making me laugh, for being tough on me and for unconditionally loving me! I love you!
So thanks to all the fathers in our lives, we have been blessed!

Weekend in Review

So our stinkin internet has been down and out all weekend and I've been running all over the place so I thought I'd give you a quick run down of what went on this weekend. I know you are so interested that you can hardly contain yourself. Here is the "new" toy room that was previously meant to be a dining/piano/entry room.....since we no longer have THREE couches, we decided to use the space as a toy room. The boys love it and they have access to all the toys and books they could ever want. It's right by the window air too which makes for comfy reading and playing.
Yesterday a military convoy from California (they're working their way across the USA) can through Lisbon on the old Lincoln Highway that runs right by our house. It was pretty sweet. I took an enormous amount of photos of these trucks, but this one best represents the long convoy. 10-4 Rubber Ducky....
Father's day! More on that later....I will dedicate a post to the two best dad's in the world. Mine and my wonderful husband. Here is Lonnie helping Baylor with his running form :)
Showing off our big muscles....
Went to a wedding on Sunday that my mom was the matron of honor in...doesn't she look hot? Speaking of drippy sweaty was precisely that. A beautiful wedding though and I got to go with my dad on Father's day...pretty cool.
I also spent the entire.....ENTIRE day on Saturday at our Grand Celebration of Brass Bands at the Amana RV park in Amana, Iowa. It was great fun and we played really well. I had a migraine the entire time so it was a little hard to bear, but I survived. The chiropractor is my new friend.
We head to St.Louis/Mt.Vernon Illinois this week (Thursday) to hit a Cardinal's game with Lonnie's sister Christina and visit his parents. The boys are so excited! I'm excited to have a night and day alone with my husband (we haven't done that......uh, ever since Brody was born) It's about time for some alone time with the man I married.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brothers don't shake hands....

...brothers got to chuck plastic horseshoes in each others faces!

The shirt that Brody is wearing appropriately states, "I didn't do it, the dog did." Which in most not true! I love little boys in tank tops, it's the only time in their life when they can get away with wearing them. When they get older it is unacceptable and tank top wearing is often accompanied by mullet growing. Sorry, random thought for today.

So here are a few more random thoughts for you....

1. High barometric pressure and humidity makes for crazy hair and excruciating headaches.
2. Yo Gabba Gabba is an African American dude in orange spandex and a t.v show that my son is in love with. I however and slightly weirded out....but they do dancy dances (we do those often in the kitchen)
3. I made our piano room into a toy room and the boys love it...why didn't I think of this earlier?!
4. Never leave Brody man hungry and unattended for he will devour an entire box of crackers in the time span of 10 minutes. Dinner? Who needs dinner!
5. Neither of my kids took a nap today and it's going to get ugly in about an hour (and I get to escape to band!) Good luck dear!
6. I'm wearing shorts today because it's stinkin hot even though I hate wearing them in public. When you get a certain age, you just quit worrying about silly things like spider veins....

And that is all I have to say about that.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stats update

It's about time for another stats update....brought to you today by the letter E (as in exhausted)

Hi, it's may know me as, "The Destroyer" or Theodore (the chubby 3rd chipmunk) or even fatty. My parents decided not to call me that anymore for fear that they might ruin my self esteem and cause me to spiral downward into a deep depression in my teenage years. I'm not fat, I'm thick and stalky but I can still run like the wind, man boobs and all. I am far more interested in balls and throwing them at people, the dogs and glass objects than my brother. I am learning to play more and more by myself and I am talking up a storm. My favorite words (and I love repeating them over and over and over and over until someone responds) are poopie, there's the train, nack pees (snack please) go outside now, yee-haw, wook wook (look look)that my bed, Hey daddy! and No Bader (Baylor) Stop it! I have the uncanny ability to entertain anyone who watches. I dance, sing, laugh and of course destroy everything in sight. I love my brother but sometimes he just gets on my nerves and I feel the urge to slug him (which is probably warranted but not in the best behavior) We'll be best friends someday when I am taller and weigh more than him. Since I am constantly eating and am now in a size 2T shirt and 18-24 month pant (can we say vertically challeneged) and some of my favorite foods include cheese sticks, apples (which I promptly chew and spit out all over the floor in little piles) mom's cookies, pasta with veggies and wa-dey (water) I'll turn it over to my bro Baylor now....

Yo. Baylor here. Almost 4 but I clearly have the intellegence of a much older child (or my parents think so) I aim to please and will excel in my preschool class next year. I am constantly learning new things and I would be content to sit at the kitchen table and play with my dinosaurs....excuse me, ankleosaurus and dimetridon, all day long. I'm trying to give up my afternoon nap but mom refuses to let me stay up and sometimes I fall asleep simply because I'm trying so hard not to. I still love reading and know everything there is to know about trains, dinosaurs and bugs. We have gone on a few bug catching adventures and mom is brave and picks up the pinchy bugs. I love music and playing my trumpet when mom practices her cornet. I can also run circles around just about anyone my age and would rather run than pedal a bike or kick a ball. One of my favorite pastimes is also beating up on my brother because he clearly deserves it and takes all of my toys. I am a true firstborn child and I'm giving my parents a run for their money. Some of my favorite foods include watermelon, apples, grapes, strawberries and Popsicles. I would probably eat a watermelon in one sitting if mom let me. I despise staying in bed and would rather snuggle with mom or dad at 1:30 in the morning rather than sleep. They do not find this amusing. I am wearing a size 8 shoe and 4T/5T but I'm as skinny as a noodle! I love having my feet rubbed by daddy, he does a great job. Now I must go and pound upon my brother....

Pool party

Macey (the dog) waiting patiently for someone to drop one of their smoothie pops.
Six, count em' six kiddos under the age of 3.75....all wet and slippery and having a ball in the pool. Baylor (3.75) Brody (22 mo) Becca (2.5) Mason (18 mo) Leah (3) and Nora (14 mo) and their lovely mamas all came over to the Speidel pool party this morning. It would have cost us almost $30 to take all of them to the local pool...and we had more fun at home for free! We even dodged doggie bombs, played in sand, ate mac and cheese and threw major fits...oh wait, that was Baylor. Why is it that when kids come over to our house it's MY children that act up? Must be some unwritten rule or a hidden chapter in my parenting handbook. I'll have to go back and double check that one...along with why my kid isn't napping right now when he should be exhausted. I give up.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

So three nuns walk into a bar....

Mooooommmmmm! Really?! Put down the camera and LISTEN TO ME!!! I'm a man on a mission as you can probably tell by the serious look on my chubby little face.
I'm serious Mom...really, serious. I have something to tell you.....
So three nuns walk into a bar.......
Muh ah ah ah ah ahh ha ha ha ha ha ha

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brody the greaser

Leave the kid alone for FIVE minutes and he decides that Vick's Vapo Rub will double as a nice hair gel. I beg to differ. I did however, grab the camera...hey, what was one more gigantic glob of petroleum based Mentholatum goo?
This is after 10 shampoos later...still greasy! I guess he won't be congested tonight!

Ah, I live an exciting life.

Dad in a box

I was reading the ad's from the Sunday paper this morning...yes, Monday takes me a while to actually get around to it and find the missing parts of the paper that were used for air planes or thrown into the toilet. I stumbled across this KMart ad for Father's day and it made me chuckle. Society has definitely put our dads into a box. Just look at this dude? He must be the all American Dad....armed and ready for any BBQ this side of the Mississippi. Obviously encompassing what every dad wants and needs for Father's day. He has his trusty drill...not sure what it is with men and their drills...and I mean that in the cleanest possible way. Then there is the golf after the BBQ and fixing the squeaking porch door, he and Joe from down the street can hit the course and play a round of 18. He will of course be wearing his brand spankin new plaid pants. He dare not even think about getting lost with his new GPS system. All this of course before he uses his electric razor while watching a Blue Ray DVD on a flat screen plasma t.v. The only thing more amusing than this dude who apparently stands for all men in America is the ad for toilet paper at the bottom. Now that my friends, would be a perfect Father's Day present.I also flipped through the Target and Wal-Mart ad and chuckled when stumbling across a photo of a dad and his son (dressed alike of course) smiling and hugging while washing their SUV. If it were our sons, Lonnie would be running and Baylor would be hosing him down. The next photo is of a dad trying to help his son play golf. Real life: Brody whacking Lonnie on the head with a club and Baylor throwing the golf ball into the pond. Nothing says I love you like a nine iron to the temple.
So don't get me wrong, my husband loves to grill, he would golf if we could afford it and he thinks anything with the word "power" in it rocks. He is by far, one of the manliest men I've met, but there probably very little in the flyer that he would need or want for Father's Day. Wait...I take that back...he'd get the GPS and give it to me because I get lost inside of a paper bag.....wait....okay, so maybe the t.v and the fancy electronics.....and maybe some sporting goods....crap. Whatever happened to getting dad a tie or nice novel?
Anyways, since I am the expert on fathers (insert sarcastic laugh here) I know what every man wants for Father's day (and probably what got them there in the first place...)
(All the Dads that are reading this are giving silent a silent AMEN! right now)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Funnies

I will, attribute most of the not so appropriate things my children learn to their wonderfully loving father. I do however take credit for the last vocabulary update. It all started a few weeks ago at dinner when Brody decided that the word POOPIE needed to be repeated over and over and over until both of the boys were in hysterical laughter. I wanted to correct their language but I just couldn't stop laughing and by that point, it was a tad too late for rebuking. Why not join in? Hey, it could be worse! So now when we need a little laughter we just say the word poopie...but you have to get really really close to the other person and then say it like you mean it.

A few nights ago all was quite in the house, the boys were sleeping (or so I thought) and I had the baby monitor on downstairs. All of a sudden I hear this....


and then both boys burst out in hysterical laughter.

LOVE IT. When you become a mother, it's the little things (or the slightly inappropriate words) that make your day.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Photos

My little destroyer. Enough said.


Yes, stuff. Junk. Loot. Goods. Stuff.

Why is it that we feel the need for stuff.

After day two of the garage sale, I'm humbled and slightly embarrassed at the fact that we have so much stuff. I'm not really sure where we kept all of this stuff, but when piled in a garage, it was overwhelming. Now most of my "stuff" is another persons, "stuff." I feel lighter and cleaner and vow not to accumulate so much stuff next time. Although there are a TON of boy clothes left! I have really really good prices too! Nothing over $1 for clothes. See..there I go again, trying to use my saleswoman voice...I just don't want to load up four bins of clothes and haul them to Goodwill.

Anyways, do you really need a baby exersaucer or vibrating baby chair for the six months that your kid fits in them? Nice yes, a necessity...nope. Toys....don't get me started on toys. We have waaaay too many and it's funny that the ones that Baylor plays with the most are the ones that came out of a McDonald's Happy Meal or rhyme with ox and start with B. It's boxes and a happy meal for his birthday.....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage sale baby!

Sorry for the lack of recent amusing posts, I know you wait with baited breath for the next intellectually stimulating and hilarious words out of my mouth..... ha! Just kidding. I've been super busy with this garage sale that I'm participating in...selling the baby stuff and the manly plaid couch. As luck would have it, we'll probably sell all the baby stuff...then get pregnant....and then end up living off of the plaid couch that didn't sell and took us about an hour of maneuvering to get out the door. In case you're around it's today (Thursday) from 1-4 at the Miller's (318 3rd St NW, Mt.Vernon) and Friday/Saturday from 8-4. Lots of stuff (sadly, most of it is ours!) even a large rack....cow horns people! I was thinking of mounting them to the Carolla...maybe I'd be more intimidating?

Baylor asked why we were selling the baby stuff yesterday and I told him that, "you and Brody aren't babies anymore" and he replied, "MOM! Where is my Brody!?"

Apparently he thought we were trying to sell Brody in the garage sale.

Not this time :)

One more day of teaching art today! It's been fun.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tears, drama and the whine

That's all I've been hearing today coming from the eldest. One would think I was raising a girl. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with Baylor these past few days, but he has cried at the drop of a hat. He cried because his moth flew away, because his pizza was too hot, because his underwear was on funny and because I wouldn't sleep with him at nap time. He's usually a tough cookie, but lately he's been a drama king. I also do not posses the sympathy trait when it comes to whining. I can't handle it. Drives me bonkers. It's bad when other people's children frequently whine, but when mine do it I want to box their ears. I asked if he's sick or if he hurts somewhere or if he had his feelings hurt. Nothing seems to work and I get a blank stare (or a dramatic cry) when I try to talk to him. We even snuggled and I rubbed his feet (he loves this) and I got nothing. He's too young to start the lack of communication that seems to reside in all males of this family. Yes, he is a sensitive little guy and I'm glad that he can be manly and still display a softer's just getting too soft. Telling an almost four year old to man up doesn't go over too well. I do know that he is refusing to nap and refusing to sleep at night, gets up and comes into our room and then we put him back crying. He has to be exhausted and I wish he would realize that sleeping and napping is awesome....maybe when he's 15 and I can't get him out of bed. Hopefully we can have a better afternoon...for my sanity sake!!

Here are the two stools I finished for the boys. They love sitting on them (especially Brody) but he can't get down so he yells at the top of his lungs for help until someone gets him down. I'm counting down the days until someone tips over backwards and cracks their skull. Hopefully we can remain safe, otherwise it's helmets at dinner for everyone.
This was taken a few days ago when it was sunny but chilly. The boys and I went to the pool and this is how we got Brody back....he was shaking so hard and had purple lips. Hypothermia anyone? Maybe we'll wait until a warmer day to visit the pool.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to school, back to school

This morning I had the pleasure to teach art to some little Lisbon Lion's (Lisbon is the town we live in and the Lion is the mascot...just in case you were wondering) I get to teach them until Thursday and what an adventure it was. They run a tight ship over there and I was very thankful for the extra hands. I also remember why I went into secondary education versus elementary or early elementary education...whew! I am also very very thankful that we are blessed enough to have me stay home with our children. I don't say that to be disrespectful or rude, I just could not leave my children every day at day care. This is a huge debate among mothers and I don't want to spark a fire, but I personally could not do it. I respect the workers and the mothers that have to do that every day, what a heart breaking thing! I'm looking forward to continuing the rest of the week, but I'm beat already!

Lonnie took vacation this entire week (it's killing him, trust me :) and is not really "on vacation" most of the time. I have him hard at work with some yard projects and watching the boys in the morning. He is also getting his drivers education observation hours and is riding around in a car with teenagers all afternoon and evening. Pray for him! He is such a humble man and he works so hard so his family can have what we need. I am once again very blessed to have a man who allows me to stay at home and raise our children.

We're trying to do some fun family activities together in the evenings, but after the way these boys have been napping, it looks like we'll be staying closer to home. As I have sat here typing, Brody was going on ONE HOUR of screaming and refusing to take a nap but I refused to budge and now he's FINALLY sleeping.....I think, I'm almost afraid to breathe.

Another big event this weekend is a garage sale! We bit the bullet and are getting rid of most (saved some back for family and just in case) of the baby clothes, the baby things (toys, bouncies, jogging strollers, etc) and random things around the house that are taking up space. We figure if we decide to have one more we have plenty of friends with baby stuff and I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting us borrow it. It's only a short season that your kid is actually playing and drooling in an exersaucer! This marvelous event it actually at my friend Diane's house...or garage, and there are a few families taking part. I cannot wait to get this stuff off of my porch/garage! Did I tell you how much I want a garage? I would settle for a large shed at this point....*sigh* The sale will be Thursday afternoon and Friday and Saturday morning/afternoon at the Miller's (for all you local yocals)

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My date with Baylor

These photos really have nothing to do with the post, I just thought they were cute.

After harbouring an insane amount of anger at the short one who woke me up this morning at 5am simple because HE COULDN'T FIND HIS BLUE RUBBER SNAKE, I decided to take a deep breath and suck it up. Life is too short to stay angry at your kids. He had also decided that sleep walking at midnight would be a fun activity. I beg to differ. I knew it would happen because he was so tired. When he gets overtired he does strange things like walk, talk and cry in his sleep. So back to the not so happy mommy this morning......I decided that Baylor and I needed some good alone time. I had a free coffee at the coffee shop and the remainder of a gift card at the Skillet Cafe in Mt.Vernon. So I told Baylor we were going on a date to breakfast. After asking if he was getting a toy (really, a toy? at breakfast? who do you think I am, Santa?) he decided that it might be fun. And it was. I had the best time. We sat down, waited for our breakfast and actually just talked. Yes, talked. I LOVE the fact that I can now carry on a conversation with my son, I'm just sad because I know that it means he's growing up. Now our conversation wasn't a deeply intellectually stimulating talk on how to harness wind energy, how to invest in the stock market or why I think he should be a doctor when he grows up. It consisted of etiquette, snakes, how they make Belgian waffles and why the little girl at the table across from us was being naughty. I also taught him to pull out the ladies chairs, cut his food with a fork and knife and put his napkin on his lap. I thought those might come in handy later when wooing the ladies......when he's like 45. I'm sad to see the toddler stages go, but I am very glad that we can sit and have one on one time and that he knows he can always talk to his mom!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wild wild beasts

Nope, not talking about the children (this time) but the wild wild beasts that have four legs, pant and bark like there's no tomorrow. How cute are they? Just look at these wild things. Sometimes......I said makes cleaning up dog hair worth it.


Flashback Friday

Now you may not laugh...okay, fine. Laugh. I'll give you 14 seconds to laugh and get it over with. You can laugh at my freakishly curly hair and permed bangs or my blue spandex shorts or even the fact that I am wearing a cowboy hat...but you may not laugh at my body cast. That's right. BODY CAST. Six months in a full body cast isn't fun for anyone. I won this trophy at a horse show, not sure how because I obviously couldn't ride a horse....or sit down for that matter.
I have so much to be thankful for though. 18 years ago in May, I had major back surgery to repair a condition called spondelothesis, which meant I had six lumbar when you are only supposed to have five. The sixth lower lumbar was just floating around and it would cut off the nerves to my legs, leaving me in a heap on the ground. They took chips from my hip and fused the lumbar together. My parents thought I was joking at first, because we all know how kids make up cool stories. They finally took me in and the Dr. said I might be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. They have made many advances in technology and I'm sure people don't wear entire body casts that give them square boobs at 11. Yes, square boobs....don't ask, but it was traumatic. I am very blessed to be able to walk without pain, to have competed in two sports in college and continue running now. God is good.
I also have a friend who reads this blog (hey Jordan!) who at about the same time, went through major back surgery too! She had a rod put in her spine though, so don't mess with her :) We got to experience some major pain at an early age, but have recovered and even had a few babies in the process!
So be thankful for the little things like being able to walk, run and not have square boobs when you were 11.

Have a delightful weekend, we're supposed to get rain, but I can live with that. It will make my tomatoes grow!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dinosaur's in my kitchen!

Here is the new to us bike trailer which we LOVE......but mostly Brody. He'd live in here if we let him.  Let me tell you, my legs are getting quite the workout!  Now I just need to find a bike and we can enjoy a family bike ride together! 
Playing in the my ugly garden shoes....but cute none the less....Looks like he's trying to use the force......or giving me the evil eye.  
And for the moment you've all be waiting for.....Dinosaurs in my Kitchen. I know some of you saw this already on facebook, but just shut your eyes.  Starring Baylor and Brody Speidel, with cameo voice appearances by mom and dad.  (check out the end where Baylor smacks his head on the table....really hard! We had many tears...)