Monday, June 8, 2009

Back to school, back to school

This morning I had the pleasure to teach art to some little Lisbon Lion's (Lisbon is the town we live in and the Lion is the mascot...just in case you were wondering) I get to teach them until Thursday and what an adventure it was. They run a tight ship over there and I was very thankful for the extra hands. I also remember why I went into secondary education versus elementary or early elementary education...whew! I am also very very thankful that we are blessed enough to have me stay home with our children. I don't say that to be disrespectful or rude, I just could not leave my children every day at day care. This is a huge debate among mothers and I don't want to spark a fire, but I personally could not do it. I respect the workers and the mothers that have to do that every day, what a heart breaking thing! I'm looking forward to continuing the rest of the week, but I'm beat already!

Lonnie took vacation this entire week (it's killing him, trust me :) and is not really "on vacation" most of the time. I have him hard at work with some yard projects and watching the boys in the morning. He is also getting his drivers education observation hours and is riding around in a car with teenagers all afternoon and evening. Pray for him! He is such a humble man and he works so hard so his family can have what we need. I am once again very blessed to have a man who allows me to stay at home and raise our children.

We're trying to do some fun family activities together in the evenings, but after the way these boys have been napping, it looks like we'll be staying closer to home. As I have sat here typing, Brody was going on ONE HOUR of screaming and refusing to take a nap but I refused to budge and now he's FINALLY sleeping.....I think, I'm almost afraid to breathe.

Another big event this weekend is a garage sale! We bit the bullet and are getting rid of most (saved some back for family and just in case) of the baby clothes, the baby things (toys, bouncies, jogging strollers, etc) and random things around the house that are taking up space. We figure if we decide to have one more we have plenty of friends with baby stuff and I'm sure they wouldn't mind letting us borrow it. It's only a short season that your kid is actually playing and drooling in an exersaucer! This marvelous event it actually at my friend Diane's house...or garage, and there are a few families taking part. I cannot wait to get this stuff off of my porch/garage! Did I tell you how much I want a garage? I would settle for a large shed at this point....*sigh* The sale will be Thursday afternoon and Friday and Saturday morning/afternoon at the Miller's (for all you local yocals)

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Anonymous said...

I kid you not, Evie still hangs out in her excersauser while I take a shower. She has been trying to climb out of her crib, but has no problem with 10 minutes in this thing...probably because she can still talk to me while in it.