Monday, June 15, 2009

Dad in a box

I was reading the ad's from the Sunday paper this morning...yes, Monday takes me a while to actually get around to it and find the missing parts of the paper that were used for air planes or thrown into the toilet. I stumbled across this KMart ad for Father's day and it made me chuckle. Society has definitely put our dads into a box. Just look at this dude? He must be the all American Dad....armed and ready for any BBQ this side of the Mississippi. Obviously encompassing what every dad wants and needs for Father's day. He has his trusty drill...not sure what it is with men and their drills...and I mean that in the cleanest possible way. Then there is the golf after the BBQ and fixing the squeaking porch door, he and Joe from down the street can hit the course and play a round of 18. He will of course be wearing his brand spankin new plaid pants. He dare not even think about getting lost with his new GPS system. All this of course before he uses his electric razor while watching a Blue Ray DVD on a flat screen plasma t.v. The only thing more amusing than this dude who apparently stands for all men in America is the ad for toilet paper at the bottom. Now that my friends, would be a perfect Father's Day present.I also flipped through the Target and Wal-Mart ad and chuckled when stumbling across a photo of a dad and his son (dressed alike of course) smiling and hugging while washing their SUV. If it were our sons, Lonnie would be running and Baylor would be hosing him down. The next photo is of a dad trying to help his son play golf. Real life: Brody whacking Lonnie on the head with a club and Baylor throwing the golf ball into the pond. Nothing says I love you like a nine iron to the temple.
So don't get me wrong, my husband loves to grill, he would golf if we could afford it and he thinks anything with the word "power" in it rocks. He is by far, one of the manliest men I've met, but there probably very little in the flyer that he would need or want for Father's Day. Wait...I take that back...he'd get the GPS and give it to me because I get lost inside of a paper bag.....wait....okay, so maybe the t.v and the fancy electronics.....and maybe some sporting goods....crap. Whatever happened to getting dad a tie or nice novel?
Anyways, since I am the expert on fathers (insert sarcastic laugh here) I know what every man wants for Father's day (and probably what got them there in the first place...)
(All the Dads that are reading this are giving silent a silent AMEN! right now)


Andrea G. said...

Love the new look! :)

Ha :) I am sure you got it right away, although, my husband sure likes his electronics too though! I think it is in the genes for him.

Crazy Mom said...

We got that same ad, I thought they guy was a bit creepy. I bought John a fishing knife and a promise he can go fishng any time over the next few weekends! Do promises count as gifts?

The ad was missing beer next to the toilet THAT is marketing.