Thursday, June 11, 2009

Garage sale baby!

Sorry for the lack of recent amusing posts, I know you wait with baited breath for the next intellectually stimulating and hilarious words out of my mouth..... ha! Just kidding. I've been super busy with this garage sale that I'm participating in...selling the baby stuff and the manly plaid couch. As luck would have it, we'll probably sell all the baby stuff...then get pregnant....and then end up living off of the plaid couch that didn't sell and took us about an hour of maneuvering to get out the door. In case you're around it's today (Thursday) from 1-4 at the Miller's (318 3rd St NW, Mt.Vernon) and Friday/Saturday from 8-4. Lots of stuff (sadly, most of it is ours!) even a large rack....cow horns people! I was thinking of mounting them to the Carolla...maybe I'd be more intimidating?

Baylor asked why we were selling the baby stuff yesterday and I told him that, "you and Brody aren't babies anymore" and he replied, "MOM! Where is my Brody!?"

Apparently he thought we were trying to sell Brody in the garage sale.

Not this time :)

One more day of teaching art today! It's been fun.

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