Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Daddy Day

You really can never tell what kind of a father the man you marry will be until you have children of your own. Sure, he can play with kids and look cute and hold a baby, but can he really lead a family and love his kids the way God has designed? My husband is such a wonderful father! He loves his boys so much, he teaches them disciplines them in love and just has fun with them. I couldn't ask for a better father for my babies.
I love you!
He shows them how to make fire (a manly must) plays with them on the floor, wrestles, reads (using all the funny voices of course!) and prays with them. He works so hard so I can stay home and raise our children. He takes time out of his busy schedule to love on his kids. I am blessed and so are they.
This is Lonnie's dad (and our Papa Mike) Thanks for being such a wonderful grandfather to the boys. They love you so much and can't wait to see you soon! Thanks for raising a wonderful son to be the man he is today. He is a quiet spirit and our wise rock and he couldn't have done it without the loving support of his dad. Thanks for loving Lila and showing your children what a Godly marriage is.

This is my dad (Grandpa Steve) and his load of Crappies. Thanks for the wonderful fishing memories 101 crappies in one hour. God has blessed me with a wonderful father too! Thanks for supporting our family, loving Kort and I and giving us such wonderful memories. Thank you for loving mom and continuing to grow in your faith. Thanks for making me laugh, for being tough on me and for unconditionally loving me! I love you!
So thanks to all the fathers in our lives, we have been blessed!

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