Saturday, June 6, 2009

My date with Baylor

These photos really have nothing to do with the post, I just thought they were cute.

After harbouring an insane amount of anger at the short one who woke me up this morning at 5am simple because HE COULDN'T FIND HIS BLUE RUBBER SNAKE, I decided to take a deep breath and suck it up. Life is too short to stay angry at your kids. He had also decided that sleep walking at midnight would be a fun activity. I beg to differ. I knew it would happen because he was so tired. When he gets overtired he does strange things like walk, talk and cry in his sleep. So back to the not so happy mommy this morning......I decided that Baylor and I needed some good alone time. I had a free coffee at the coffee shop and the remainder of a gift card at the Skillet Cafe in Mt.Vernon. So I told Baylor we were going on a date to breakfast. After asking if he was getting a toy (really, a toy? at breakfast? who do you think I am, Santa?) he decided that it might be fun. And it was. I had the best time. We sat down, waited for our breakfast and actually just talked. Yes, talked. I LOVE the fact that I can now carry on a conversation with my son, I'm just sad because I know that it means he's growing up. Now our conversation wasn't a deeply intellectually stimulating talk on how to harness wind energy, how to invest in the stock market or why I think he should be a doctor when he grows up. It consisted of etiquette, snakes, how they make Belgian waffles and why the little girl at the table across from us was being naughty. I also taught him to pull out the ladies chairs, cut his food with a fork and knife and put his napkin on his lap. I thought those might come in handy later when wooing the ladies......when he's like 45. I'm sad to see the toddler stages go, but I am very glad that we can sit and have one on one time and that he knows he can always talk to his mom!

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