Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pool party

Macey (the dog) waiting patiently for someone to drop one of their smoothie pops.
Six, count em' six kiddos under the age of 3.75....all wet and slippery and having a ball in the pool. Baylor (3.75) Brody (22 mo) Becca (2.5) Mason (18 mo) Leah (3) and Nora (14 mo) and their lovely mamas all came over to the Speidel pool party this morning. It would have cost us almost $30 to take all of them to the local pool...and we had more fun at home for free! We even dodged doggie bombs, played in sand, ate mac and cheese and threw major fits...oh wait, that was Baylor. Why is it that when kids come over to our house it's MY children that act up? Must be some unwritten rule or a hidden chapter in my parenting handbook. I'll have to go back and double check that one...along with why my kid isn't napping right now when he should be exhausted. I give up.

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Kim said...

Kim and I have laughed (ok, sometimes I cry) that our kids always act worse when we're hosting. Just one of those unfortunate rules of the game.