Friday, June 12, 2009


Yes, stuff. Junk. Loot. Goods. Stuff.

Why is it that we feel the need for stuff.

After day two of the garage sale, I'm humbled and slightly embarrassed at the fact that we have so much stuff. I'm not really sure where we kept all of this stuff, but when piled in a garage, it was overwhelming. Now most of my "stuff" is another persons, "stuff." I feel lighter and cleaner and vow not to accumulate so much stuff next time. Although there are a TON of boy clothes left! I have really really good prices too! Nothing over $1 for clothes. See..there I go again, trying to use my saleswoman voice...I just don't want to load up four bins of clothes and haul them to Goodwill.

Anyways, do you really need a baby exersaucer or vibrating baby chair for the six months that your kid fits in them? Nice yes, a necessity...nope. Toys....don't get me started on toys. We have waaaay too many and it's funny that the ones that Baylor plays with the most are the ones that came out of a McDonald's Happy Meal or rhyme with ox and start with B. It's boxes and a happy meal for his birthday.....

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laura b. said...

Glad to hear you sold some things. I have a friend with two boys 18 months and 2 weeks. She might be interested in some of your clothes.