Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The sound of chainsaw in the morning....

There is Millie's house and the middle tree that blew over.
Here is our house on the right. It smashed the sidewalk too. They're taking two of the trees.....bye bye shade! They're gorgeous old trees, but they were destined to fall soon.

Nothing like the sounds of chainsaw a six in the sweet sweet music to my ears.

No. Not really.

I am glad however, that the enormous tree in our front yard missed both ours and the neighbors house. Lonnie and I had bets on when it was going to blow over in the next storm. We had 80 mph winds last night with a nice thunderstorm and that took out the tree. They're going to take both the trees (the one next to it) for safety reasons, but leave the biggest one in front of our house....gee, thanks dudes. The boys should have a fun day watching chainsaws, cherry pickers and heavy machinery.

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