Monday, June 29, 2009

Sugar Free

I would consider our house a pretty healthy household. We eat lots of fruits, whole wheat foods, try to eat veggies, we don't drink juice or pop and try to limit the sugar intake of everyone. We also try to stay away from fried foods and the "fake" processed stuff. There is always room for improvement and trying to find healthy sugar free kids snacks is hard. I also think that life is short and you shouldn't stress out about weather your kid eats an Oreo....I'm fairly certain they'll survive.
My darling husband Lonnie has suggested that we go as sugar free as we can, giving up sweets(which are only made if company comes over) and that includes *gulp* ice cream. He wants to limit it to one sweet treat per week. I think I might die. I have the biggest sweet tooth this side of the Mississippi. I agreed to this but not without a fight. I need my chocolate break at 1:40, and it may only be one square of chocolate but it gets me through the rest of the day. I am willing to make my family even more healthy, but I will confess that I'm the one dragging my feet. Moderation is a key component of any healthy diet and I know this won't be that difficult since we don't really have that much around the house anyways, but it doesn't make it any easier.

So I'm open to any healthy snack ideas for kids....VERY picky kids. Wish me luck, I may be very grumpy for the next few weeks because my blood sugar is low!


Crazy Mom said...

How about instead of Sugar free you try to eliminate 'high fructose corn syrup"? That's what I try to do, it's really hard and forces you to buy organic. Which I can only do our major items because it's so freaking expensive. But yogurts, jelly, ketchup, stuff like that I go au natural.

Just watch as your grocery bill goes up the healthier you try to be. Ugh.

Kim said...

Let me know what you come up with. We've been trying to clean up our act a bit too...trying to only have dessert on family night, but when these stupid pregnancy hormones kick in I'm the one who caves too. One trick we use when Josiah and I really want something sweet is to freeze a peeled banana and then cut it up and drizzle just a tiny bit of chocolate syrup over it.