Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Funnies

I will, attribute most of the not so appropriate things my children learn to their wonderfully loving father. I do however take credit for the last vocabulary update. It all started a few weeks ago at dinner when Brody decided that the word POOPIE needed to be repeated over and over and over until both of the boys were in hysterical laughter. I wanted to correct their language but I just couldn't stop laughing and by that point, it was a tad too late for rebuking. Why not join in? Hey, it could be worse! So now when we need a little laughter we just say the word poopie...but you have to get really really close to the other person and then say it like you mean it.

A few nights ago all was quite in the house, the boys were sleeping (or so I thought) and I had the baby monitor on downstairs. All of a sudden I hear this....


and then both boys burst out in hysterical laughter.

LOVE IT. When you become a mother, it's the little things (or the slightly inappropriate words) that make your day.


Janice said...

That is great! I remember doing stuff like that with Dawn when we were young (you are surprised I am sure) :)

Dawn said...

potty talk is the best