Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tears, drama and the whine

That's all I've been hearing today coming from the eldest. One would think I was raising a girl. I can't seem to figure out what is wrong with Baylor these past few days, but he has cried at the drop of a hat. He cried because his moth flew away, because his pizza was too hot, because his underwear was on funny and because I wouldn't sleep with him at nap time. He's usually a tough cookie, but lately he's been a drama king. I also do not posses the sympathy trait when it comes to whining. I can't handle it. Drives me bonkers. It's bad when other people's children frequently whine, but when mine do it I want to box their ears. I asked if he's sick or if he hurts somewhere or if he had his feelings hurt. Nothing seems to work and I get a blank stare (or a dramatic cry) when I try to talk to him. We even snuggled and I rubbed his feet (he loves this) and I got nothing. He's too young to start the lack of communication that seems to reside in all males of this family. Yes, he is a sensitive little guy and I'm glad that he can be manly and still display a softer side....it's just getting too soft. Telling an almost four year old to man up doesn't go over too well. I do know that he is refusing to nap and refusing to sleep at night, gets up and comes into our room and then we put him back crying. He has to be exhausted and I wish he would realize that sleeping and napping is awesome....maybe when he's 15 and I can't get him out of bed. Hopefully we can have a better afternoon...for my sanity sake!!

Here are the two stools I finished for the boys. They love sitting on them (especially Brody) but he can't get down so he yells at the top of his lungs for help until someone gets him down. I'm counting down the days until someone tips over backwards and cracks their skull. Hopefully we can remain safe, otherwise it's helmets at dinner for everyone.
This was taken a few days ago when it was sunny but chilly. The boys and I went to the pool and this is how we got Brody back....he was shaking so hard and had purple lips. Hypothermia anyone? Maybe we'll wait until a warmer day to visit the pool.

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