Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend in Review

So our stinkin internet has been down and out all weekend and I've been running all over the place so I thought I'd give you a quick run down of what went on this weekend. I know you are so interested that you can hardly contain yourself. Here is the "new" toy room that was previously meant to be a dining/piano/entry room.....since we no longer have THREE couches, we decided to use the space as a toy room. The boys love it and they have access to all the toys and books they could ever want. It's right by the window air too which makes for comfy reading and playing.
Yesterday a military convoy from California (they're working their way across the USA) can through Lisbon on the old Lincoln Highway that runs right by our house. It was pretty sweet. I took an enormous amount of photos of these trucks, but this one best represents the long convoy. 10-4 Rubber Ducky....
Father's day! More on that later....I will dedicate a post to the two best dad's in the world. Mine and my wonderful husband. Here is Lonnie helping Baylor with his running form :)
Showing off our big muscles....
Went to a wedding on Sunday that my mom was the matron of honor in...doesn't she look hot? Speaking of drippy sweaty was precisely that. A beautiful wedding though and I got to go with my dad on Father's day...pretty cool.
I also spent the entire.....ENTIRE day on Saturday at our Grand Celebration of Brass Bands at the Amana RV park in Amana, Iowa. It was great fun and we played really well. I had a migraine the entire time so it was a little hard to bear, but I survived. The chiropractor is my new friend.
We head to St.Louis/Mt.Vernon Illinois this week (Thursday) to hit a Cardinal's game with Lonnie's sister Christina and visit his parents. The boys are so excited! I'm excited to have a night and day alone with my husband (we haven't done that......uh, ever since Brody was born) It's about time for some alone time with the man I married.

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