Sunday, July 19, 2009

10 years

Here are the people that showed up for our 10 year reunion out of a class of 350. I went to Iowa City West, class of 1999. It was fun, but I don't miss high school ONE BIT. A lot of people don't change (which is quite unfortunate) but a lot of people remain the same sweet, caring and fun. It's a season of life that I'm glad is over but don' t have any regrets.
I got to bring this sexy date and wear a dress. Two major bonuses. My wonderful mother watched the boys, while we had a night out on the town.

I've been super busy this weekend with brass band concerts, reunion stuff, painting the town play scenery, attempting to clean the house and finish laundry and now I'm off to VBS to be the photographer. Baylor is going to VBS for the first time, I'm excited and so is he. I'm also proud to announce that he is beginning to READ! He read about six words at lunch today, with the first being S P O R T S (the sports section!) We're quite proud! He is so thrilled and went and gathered all the books he could carry. It actually started with a phonics DVD that we borrowed from a friend and he is turning into a reading machine.


The Kac's said...

So fun to see the picture of everyone from 99 in it! I'll have to show it to Brian so he can see what he missed out on. I'm so jealous of your class since ours was not as well planned. Looks like it was a lot of fun!

Andrea G. said...

What is the name of the DVD? Great to see you this weekend!