Monday, July 13, 2009

All in

So now I know why God has me here this week. I knew challenges such as snot, wheezing, sleep deprivation and my attitude would be thrown at me. I apologize for previous grumpy posts, I needed a swift kick in the rear, which I was promptly given by the Holy Spirit.

Amidst the touchy feely room full or hormones lies the magnificent ladies full of wisdom, humor and grace. Our study this year is on Romans 12 and a book/study by Chip Ingram This morning was on being all in. Sadly, most of us, including myself, are often on the fence about our walk with God. We will give him family and marriage but want to keep our hobbies and interests for ourselves, or however it may work out for you. It doesn't really work that way and I was convicted as usual! Convicted about certain activities that I have been trying so desperately to keep to myself. We had to write down five things in our lives that are important to us and that we spend most of our time focusing on. Mine were, in no particular order 1. Children 2. Marriage 3. Finances/future 4. Fitness/health and 5. Music/band/art. Are we willing so surrender ALL of these and more fully to Christ? Yikes! What a scary thought. Scary but something I will be working on heavily.

So we have survived three meals in the cafeteria with only 1 fit, salt and pepper shakers being dispensed on the table and a fight over pumpkin pie...really, pumpkin pie in July?! Brody is sleeping in a, "big boy" bed, which is a dorm bed with two dressers on the side so he doesn't fall out. I would have brought the pack n' play but it wouldn't fit into our already stuffed little Carolla. He was up numerous times during the night because of the new surroundings, so tonight we push the beds together and have a slumber party.

My goal for this afternoon is to try and find time for my run and entertaining two napless kiddos until dinner. The children's activities for this afternoon were a ceramic shop (I way we get out without breaking 3 things and/or eating glaze) or bowling (don't think they make bowling shoes that little!) so we are stuck here this afternoon.

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Jill Kapfer said...

If they do bowling again, try it. Abbie loves to bowl! Reading your posts makes me want to go to FCA camp, sounds like fun. My dad used to have meetings at various universities around the country and I have very fond memories of them. You're building great memories for your kids--good job! :) Looking forward to seeing you this weekend!