Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The clingies

Unfortunately both of my children had a bad case of the clingies this morning. In case you are not familiar with the clingies, I will enlighten. The clingies are not a rarity among children, in fact they visit our family quite often and mostly on Sunday mornings when walking towards the nursery. The symptoms are: 1. Panic 2. Heavy breathing followed by a very sad sad face 3. Major tears 4. Sometimes tantrums or sprinting in the opposite direction 5. Grasping for dear life on to any adult appendage (knees, legs, shoulders and my ultimate favorite...the neck)
We hadn't even made it out of the dining hall when both of my children melted down and started with symptoms 1-3. "I don't want to go mom, I want to go home!" The clingies are very contagious as well. Started with the older one and moved very quickly to the short one. We made it over to the childcare place and I felt as if I had two extra legs or had gained 65 lbs. I ended up sitting with both of them in the nursery and missing my bible study. I didn't mind though, they're only going to need me for so long! Unfortunately, the girl that was helping out in the nursery left and got sick. So now I have Germ-x'd the heck out of my kids and gone into panic mode. So if you think about it, please pray that we don't get the stomach bug....remember, I don't do puke!

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