Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Photos: Fun in the Sun

Four boys in a field.....looking for bugs! I can only claim two of those cute things.
A man and his truck.
Yesterday the sun decided to make an appearance and we headed out to a friend's house to play with a handful of other wild and crazy kiddos. It was a blast and we left in a haze of grass clippings, water and screaming kids. The boys behaved very well, much to my amazement. The only glitch was Brody freaking out at the beginning because he was sure I was going to leave him, so he clung for dear life to my leg. After some gentle coaxing and assuring him that I was going to stay and play, he eventually let go.

Tonight I get to steal a few hours away and alone with Lonnie as we cash in our gift card to Olive Garden. Our friends are watching the boys (they also have two boys and they play wonderful together) and we'll swap them next week so they can go on a date. This system seems to work the best! I'm thoroughly looking forward to adult conversation and food that I don't have to cook!

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