Monday, July 6, 2009

Goose poop and centipedes

Baylor....astonished at the sight of 1 million geese taking over the beach. Okay, so maybe one million is a bit of an exaggeration, but there were a lot. With geese comes large amounts of nasty green piles of poop. Yes, poop.
Baylor trying to dodge and weave his way between piles of nasty poop. Notice that there IS NO ONE ELSE ON THE BEACH. I can see why......And then there were these nasty little things. ALL OVER. When I mean all over....I MEAN ALL OVER. They started crawling up my legs ahhhh. I don't mind bugs at all, and I'm not grossed out very easily (unless it's barf) but these with the combination of goose terds sent me over the edge. A nice day at the beach turned into a ten minute dodge of poo.

Mooooommmm! Poooooooooooppppp. Don't touch. (he says this after he picked up a huge pile) I want you to notice that I also refrained from taking a close up shot of the goose poop.

You're welcome.

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