Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It could be worse

We live in a self centered world. Everything revolves around us. The radio station of my life is sometimes K fm, all Keri all the time. Even our children begin their lives with everything centered around their helpless cries for food and sleep. I am often humbly reminded of my complaining about trivial things and feeble attempts to gain contentment, only to fall immensely short. Nothing good can ever come out of a sentence starting with, "If only......" If only I were 10 lbs skinner or if only I could have one more bedroom in my house or if only I could make $100 more dollars a month. We find ourselves complaining about kids not sleeping through the night or runny noses or tantrums thrown in the cafeteria. I know I have complained about those three things in the last three posts at least! Now I'm not saying these things are trivial because they are a big deal in the bigger picture, I'm just saying....it could be worse.
You could have six children and have just been diagnosed with leukemia. A sweet lady Carol came to bible study this morning and shared her story with us. She lost a baby in November and was having health issues and went in to find out she had leukemia. It could not of happened to a more joyful person though. Being faced with a life or death situation, not being able to hold your babies in your arms for months because your immune system is down and still praising God the entire time. So when I'm down because Brody is climbing on tables or Baylor refuses to take a nap and it makes me want to crawl inside a hole and scream, I can only think of the insane courage this woman has in making the most out of every day.

On a lighter note! I dropped Baylor off at the children's program this morning and he was very quiet and went and played by himself. This all after he tells me no one plays with him and he doesn't want to go to preschool. My heart is breaking for this little guy! He is going to be a sensitive soul. He did manage to find some kids to play with but as I was walking out the door I hear this, "MOM MOM MOM MOM!" and Baylor is sprinting down the hallways.
"MOM! I forgot to give you a hug and a kiss goodbye!"
Oh, please make this never stop! Although, I can't really picture a freshman in high school running down the hallways to give his mom a kiss goodbye. One can only hope!

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Dawn said...

Great post, contentment ans joy. They are awesome. I can find my radio on D FM quite a bit,