Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Markers=the devil

Dearest relatives and nice friendly people.

Please please do not buy non washable markers for our kids. I appreciate all gifts of any way shape and form, but I cannot accept these awful things known as non washable markers anymore. Pink stripes do not look good (nor come off) of my couch, wall and table. I loath you pink marker. You sent me over the edge today.

P.S Mr. Clean you are not magic at all.


Crazy Mom said...

I HATE markers. As a teacher, I NEVER let my students use them, thusly, I never let my own children use them. Nothing good can come from Markers, hence the apropo name- they certainly leave their 'mark'.

:-) Parenting is FUN!

Kim said...

Did you try the toothpaste?

Janice said...

I have never tried this on regular markers but alcohol (not the kind you drink, however it may make things feel better for awhile) can take out permanent marker. I keep a can of Rave on hand for that sort of stuff.