Monday, July 27, 2009

Movies, bunk beds, drugs and running

Here's a brief synopsis of this weekend's activities. Thrilling, I know.

1. Movie: Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs. I got to take Baylor to a movie (my first movie with him) and he loved it. We also went out for lunch and got a few groceries. I love spending one on one time with my little almost four year old! He is growing up so fast and learning so many new things. The movie was cool, a few scary parts, but Baylor is a brave dude....unless it involves taking a shower, cutting of hair or putting on of clothes...then he's a weeny.

2. Bunk Beds! What a huge blessing from a gracious friend from church. I was on facebook and mentioned that I was looking to buy a loft, bunk bed or another twin bed for the boys since Brody is now is a big boy bed. A family from our church was just about to get rid of theirs and gave it to us for free. It's in great shape and the boys will have a blast. I'm putting my money on Brody with the first broken arm from diving off of the top. We're picking them up tonight, I'll try to snap some photos.

3. Drugs. Don't do drugs kids. These drugs however, have saved my poor head. I finally broke down and went to the Dr because I was getting two to three migraines a week. They are totally debilitating and trying to care for two little dudes without sending them to auction during a migraine is almost impossible. I tried the chiropractor and that helped with my other issues and neck pain, but the migraines were still coming. I was put on a preventative medicine which also helps you sleep (I call it pure joy in a pink pill) and another (Imitrex) for when they decide to strike. It's been great and I feel so much better.

4. I am up to 3 miles or running for about 35 minutes straight. This is a big deal for me, the person who gets bored after 200 meters. New shoes are hopefully in the mail and will help with the shin splints and IT band issues. I'm getting more excited about running the race and there is only 12 weeks until the big day. The no sugar rule has worked...a little....I've broken down a few times, but for good reason.....actually two good reasons both starting with the letter B. For the most part, we tried to eliminate high fructose corn sugar from most of our food (and let me tell's in everything!) I can notice a higher energy level and not needing that coffee in the afternoon to keep my eyes open!

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Crazy Mom said...

Good for you! Now, if you can help me eliminate milk and eggs from our diet (we're done with HFCS) that'd be great. Because milk and eggs are in EVERYTHING!

Good luck w/the running. If you go to you can get different routes to keep from getting bored.