Thursday, July 2, 2009

A nice shade of peanut butter

Here is the new paint job on the front porch. I went to Ace (the local hardware store) looking for plain Jane grey paint and came back with a shiny glossy shade of peanut butter. I also saved a total of $21. They had a stack of paint cans that someone had miss mixed and they were selling them for $4 a gallon! I spotted a porch paint and grabbed it. It may not match (yet...going to finish the painting of the nasty green later) but it was cheap. It's also glossy polyurethane which means it won't dry for another two days. Poo. There is also a Frito stuck in the middle (I'll give you one guess who tossed that out there) where I can't get to it. Total cost=$4 paint, $6 brush and $3 paint thinner.
Here is project number two. It was an old cedar hope chest that was given to me and I tried to no avail to strip and sand it, but there were so many coats of goo on it that I gave up. Instead I mixed two left over paints from our house and antiqued it. I plan on covering it will gloss but I lent it to someone and can't remember who. Hey, who has my clear gloss?! It doubles as a very nice toy box and place to store unsightly large plastic toys. If you can't tell by the color, it's a pale shade of green and I love it. Total cost=$0.
And then there's this dude. This was yesterday at nap time. I heard a rustle upstairs and then turn around to see Baylor standing on the stairs....uh, naked of course...covered in foaming hand soap. I cropped out the boy parts but they were covered, his legs were covered as well as his hiney and toes. My first instinct was to get angry because he wasn't napping but I couldn't stop laughing (could it be the large plastic whale in his mouth or the look on his face?) So I grabbed the camera and snapped a few. The explanation for his strange lathering is he was "itchy" He did get a few bug bites when down in Southern Illinois and was itching like crazy. Apparently foaming hand soap gets rid of the itch.

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