Saturday, July 11, 2009

Off to camp

So we're off to FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) camp in Pella, Iowa this week. We have done this camp for the last five years (minus a year for birthing a baby) Lonnie coaches track while the kids have a program in the morning and the coaches wives get to spend a few hours in peace together, talking adult and studying the word. They have fun things planned and we don't have to cook for a week!
One would think I would be excited about this, but every year I get super frustrated and begin my "freak out" mode. I've been trying to have a good attitude and preparing myself for the change of schedules, scenery and sleeping patterns but it hasn't been working. A few things hinder my positive thoughts for the week. 1. Brody is sick with bad cold that has gone to his respiratory system and I have busted out the nebulizer. I can feel an ear infection looming in his future 2. My brother, who I haven't seen in over a year, is flying in from Montana just in time for us to miss him and only see him for an afternoon 3. Baylor has been in a super fit throwing mode that I am not quite sure how to handle him at the moment 4. We do a coaches wives bible study (which is amazing by the way) that tends to get a little touchy feely and I don't do touchy feely. I'm weird, I know.
There. Now I have the negative out.....I am going to focus on the positive. Deep breath and release.
Please pray for me if you think about it. Pray for a good attitude and that I don't freak out (which I then take out on my husband and children or any innocent bystander) and learn to relax, enjoy the week and learn something new. Out with schedules, sicknesses and stinking sleeping patterns.

Now to pack Bessie.....tiny trunk...lots of stuff...could be interesting.


Andrea G. said...

I am praying! Everyone knows kids have fits and it is a stage it is okay! It doesn't mean you are a bad mom. You are A WONDERFUL MOM! I have seen you play with your kids and teach them! Just enjoy the opportunity to learn from wise mothers who are a little farther down the road and trust everyone has been there all before too! I will pray especially for schedule stuff! Just got back from AZ with in-laws, airplanes, and 2 hour time change!! Feel you!!

You better be back in time for the reunion though :)

Crazy Mom said...

Hey, not to change the subject, but someone told me that neb. medicine/asthma meds can cause kids to have icky teeth. Imagine my relief at the taking of a pill I like to call "Guilt be Gone". Make sure when you neb him to really clean his teeth good, apparently the meds 'eat' teeth away.

And my dentist tried to blame me giving him juice...pshaw. I was just trying to keep him alive by breating!

Jill Kapfer said...

Abbie is going through a stage right now too and I have no idea how to handle her. It makes me feel like a horrible mother, which I think really does to me being a bad mom so I'm doing my best to ignore Satan's lies and focus on dealing with her, but it's hard. So hard. I feel your pain.