Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's official. My name, birth date and stats have been officially entered into the Des Moines marathon runner identification.

Marathon. Ha! I laughed too. Let me re-phrase. Marathon relay. There is no way (and no desire what so ever) to run an entire 26.2 miles on my own without possible death. However, I am now starting training to be on a team of five people. Four run five miles and one runs the last 6.2. I am running five. My wonderful husband has also been entered....he's on the boys team. I am on the girls team...and we are going to beat the boys team :) My team is made up of some awesome ladies. Combined total of 10 children birthed between us. Some runners, some aren't, but all are going to kick some hiney.

No turning back now! I'm actually pretty stoked about it. It's good motivation for me to keep up with my training thus far. I know I can do it, five miles isn't that much, but you must remember that I competed as a sprinter in college. That is...I ran nothing over 200 meters. I will need help pacing myself so that I don't die because I tend to take off waaaaay to fast and then end up dying later. That's the sprinter in me. Since I've already been running, it hasn't been that hard but I will need new shoes (ahem, dearest husband who might happen to read this...did you catch that? I might..okay, I need new shoes, mine are way past due on mileage)

Wish me luck!

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Andrea G. said...

You go girl! YOU ROCK! AND I am confident you ladies will win :)