Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baylor's BBQ Birthday-rama

The, "oh baby, I don't even know what it is but I'm going to make this crazy excited face anyways" face.
I've totally given in to the superhero thing, I knew it was coming but I just didn't know when. I have a major dislike for silly characters but Baylor has really taken an interest. Grandma got him this one. He's also a boy and I will not stifle his manly instincts to run around and pretend shoot web at people. Go Spidey go.
Baylor is in love with baby Avery. He can always make her smile. You can marry her later Baylor but don't get any "I want a sister" ideas okay?
Brody defending his cake as if his life depended on it.
This two four year olds version of flirting.
The bin o' soda. Old fashioned root beer, cream soda and strawberry soda.
DO NOT make fun of this cake. I'm almost embarrassed to show it to you, but he wanted this stinkin semi truck cake mold. I hate cake molds. Totally ridiculous. I looks like a terd on wheels. Good thing the M&M's, sprinkles and suckers made up for most of the terd-i-ness.

Well it was a few days early, but we decided to have a few friends over to have a BBQ and help Baylor celebrate his birthday (that is on Monday) Not an official birthday party but an excuse to have people over and in between screaming and breaking up brawl's, have adult conversation. Our house size limit's us to residing in the back yard and it was amazingly gorgeous and almost chilly. We had hot dogs and hamburgers and ate the terd on wheels (aka birthday cake) Apart from a few tackles (mostly initiated by a bully named Brody) the kids played great together. They left of a sugar induced high with squirt guns and bubbles, complimentary of the Wally World clearance aisle.

I will save the mushy sappy mom stuff for Monday when it's his actual birthday.

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