Friday, August 7, 2009

The Carnies are here

It's that time again. Time for the onslaught of flashing lights, loud music, inebriated towns folk and the smell of $8 funnel cake wafting through my house. It's Sauerkraut Days here in Lisbon. I know, I'm such a fun hater...but when you live on MAIN street THE MAIN street, where all of this hullabaloo happens, you would feel differently as well. Both boys watched in anticipation as large dangerous metal spinning things went up right in front of our house. I've tried to convince Baylor that he's not tall enough for anything that spins, but he doesn't believe me. I've also tried to convince him that girls have cooties, broccoli is like candy and sleeping is fun....all epic failures.

Last night was the fireworks and we bit the bullet and let both boys stay up and watch them. Baylor was thrilled beyond all words and Brody was so freaked out that he shook like a leaf. We even got him some ear plugs and he still refused to even look at the fireworks. Apparently he is making us suffer for putting him through such turmoil by waking up at six in the morning, screaming at the top of his lungs because he couldn't have a rice crispy bar for breakfast.

It's not all gloom here, there are some fun activities that go on and it's the 100th anniversary. It's also our sixth wedding anniversary on Sunday and we're celebrating tonight. I refused to partake in the planning of this sacred event, but I did beg for a morning off for a mental holiday. I'll let you know how that goes. Six wonderful years, two children, two dogs, a house and our little Carolla later....I am still amazed how my husband gets more handsome each day. Men age gracefully while us ladies have to deal with sagging uh, things. I'll try to find some wedding photos and post them later.

Wish me luck today with two cranky sleep deprived children.....I really need that mental health day!

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Crazy Mom said...

YOu said "hullaballoo". Heh heh he.