Friday, August 21, 2009

Excuse me, is there a toad in my cake?

When you live with boys you learn to expect the unexpected. For instance, the worm I found in my coffee, the tree frog that was loose in my house and the fake snake that sent me running for cover. See example numero uno. Yet another example of the wild life that secretly (or not so secretly in this case) enters my house on a daily basis. Meet baby toad Duncan. Doesn't he look sad? He's looking out the window for mommy. Hey little buddy....

Wait a second. He doesn't look so cute and sad now that he's found shelter in my cake!
That's right folks, I turn around for ten seconds and Duncan has found a new home. Not cool Duncan. Thus is life with boys.

Speaking of cake! My friend Jen is a celebrity now...she's featured on the ever so popular cake wrecks website for her knarly vine cake. Way to go Jen!


Jill Kapfer said...

Gross. I would not be as calm as you. Speaking of gross reptiles, my sister currently has a lizard in her car and she can't get him out. He's apparently very good at hiding!

laura b. said...

How'd he get the name Duncan? I thought all your pets had the same name.

AnE said...

frog in my cake, ok.
worm in my coffee NOT OK, I must know did you find this worm after you finished the whole cup?