Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Five

Five randoms of today....

1. After nearly 48 hours of constant raining, the sun FINALLY decided to come out. Thank you sun, I needed that. Now if only I could stick my lower half in the sun while my upper half continued to clean.

2. I've tried to keep this house clean for company coming over tomorrow, but every time I turn around the toy box looks as if it just threw up, there are peanut butter hand prints on the wall and the dogs have sneaked back inside to distribute their hair accordingly. Thus is life.

3. I'm drinking a cream soda right now and I almost wish it were a beer. Kinda. Don't judge, it's been that kind of day.

4. I have fallen into a running slump. I've increased the mileage but I have absolutely no desire to make my body go run. I can however see some definition in otherwise flabby parts of my body.....that is motivation enough to keep on runnin.

5. I told a, "white lie" to Baylor about 10 minute ago. He was fighting his nap time, crying, screaming and yawning all at the same time. I told him as soon as I finished putting groceries away, I'd come get him. I finished five minutes you think he's asleep by now? I'm going to hell aren't I?

Happy Friday.

1 comment:

Kim said...

That last grocery item could take a VERY long time to get put away and the, technically, you wouldn't be lying. I would consider you officially insane if you went to get him right now.