Monday, August 24, 2009

How to take off your diaper, by Brody

Brody here, thought I'd take a stab at this blog thing since Baylor got to yesterday. First you must concentrate very hard on the situation at hand, which happens to be the removal of a diaper. A diaper in which I am supposed to be wearing because I cannot pee in the potty like the big boys do. My mom doesn't like it when she has to start a sentence beginning with, "where did you put your diaper?"
It often helps if you stand up, especially in a dangerous old chair that swivels.
You must make lots of grunting, groaning and pull as hard you can on the stinkin diaper. I also changed chairs for better stability, this one was much sturdier and a lot less conspicuous.
...then you have to look cute, because if you look cute then mom doesn't get as angry. Hey there mom, I'm cute.
Finally! After a few minutes of agonizing stretching, pulling, grunting and groaning, the diaper is ready to be removed and I am ready to pee on the floor. Wahoo! I plan on repeating this process numerous times until both of my parental units have resorted to using duct tape (it's been done before!) It brings me such joy and I can see it in my parents eyes that it brings them great joy too :)


Janice said...

Brody, you are naughty. It's also a good thing that you have not figured out how to take your clothes off yet, as the process would be easier but you would probably avoid chaffing in the boy parts area.

Keri I love when the boys blog, cracks me up! Not that yours dont, apparently it is a gift you have passed on :)

Kim said...

That's amazing. I have a 3 year old who still hasn't figured out how to take off his clothes or diaper and Brody can do magic tricks with his!

Brianna said...

Kort and I laughed out loud at this...his expression is priceless. I see a caption for graduation some day-"Brody has always been a determined guy" :)