Saturday, August 8, 2009

I did it.

Well, I'm still alive after my first 5k in six years. I went out waaaaaaay too fast in the beginning and ran my first mile in around 7:45 and then regretted making that hasty decision in the end. I ran around 25 minutes, which for me isn't too bad, I'd like to have done better, but I'm only getting started. I was around the top of the ladies finishers in my age group. I have TON of work to do before the marathon relay in October. Lonnie and the boys rode around in the bike trailer and cheered me on and gave me splits (what a good coach!) My mom ran too, she kicked butt! Way to go mom!! I'm going to rest now, I always get a migraine after a big run...blech.

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Dawn said...

WAY TO GO Keri!!!