Monday, August 3, 2009

Let the terrible two's begin....

Do NOT let this cute little chipmunk looking creature with cake on his tongue, wearing an old man golf shirt fool you. THIS little critter (who I love dearly) will be the death of me. He will send me into early retirement...wait, I can't retire can I? He may seem cuddly and fuzzy on the outside, but looming beneath those hazel eyes is a monster waiting to explode...and at the precise moment no less. The precise moment would be a.) Grocery store with lots and lots of people around, high pitched scream that could call dogs and legs kicking me in the gut b.) a swimming pool with slippery surfaces and deep water or c.) when wanting to put the mother over the edge.
He launched himself into those terrible two's in Brody fashion today by throwing major fits, biting me, kicking me and diving into the deep end of the pool (and no, he can't swim) I just can't stay mad at this little dude for long though. He has me in hysterical laughter most of the time and I should take a few lessons from him on joy. He is a the perfect example of the bible verse, "Be Joyful Always." He will grow up to be the class clown and ladies man...I can see it now. If he doesn't put me into cardiac arrest now, I'm sure I will be by high school.

He officially turns two today and it's been a hysterical two years with this kid. Although he may be a little destroyer and prefer launching his food over eating it, I wouldn't trade any moment spent with him.....okay, maybe the projectile vomit, but other than that.....

I have an awesome video of Brody showing off his dance moves, but it won't let me upload right now. That footage will have to wait unil later.

Happy Birthday little man!

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Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Brody!!