Monday, August 10, 2009

Monday's Musings

We survived the urine filled weekend in one piece. Nothing was stolen from the house and the odor from the petting zoo has subsided. We were cheap and kill joy parents and didn't even take the boys down to the rides this year. What they don't know can't hurt them. I plan on locking them in the house until they finally realize you can ride on those loud hunks of metal, which will probably be next year. In regards to the last post about our police force not doing anything about teenagers peeing in my yard and a party bus full of underage kids drinking, I know they had a busy weekend and arresting 35 yahoos probably wasn't on the top of their list. They could have had a better attitude though, whatever happened to service with a smile eh? I know you think I'm a big fun hater, but you have to trust me on this one.

My official race results came in and I was third in my age group (20-29) and ran a 25:53. I'm pretty pleased with those results, but I can do much better! I might run a few more 5K's before the big marathon relay in October. Five miles still seems like a lot to me!

I've started cleaning houses on the side to make some extra money to help out a little. Got to love college loans that your husband is paying (I LOVE YOU!) I love cleaning, especially when it's not my own house...go figure. So if you or your house need a good deep cleaning, give me a holler and I'll be over with my gloves and bucket.

The bunk beds have officially been debunked. Baylor was afraid of the top bunk and Brody was close to flinging himself over the edge when he climbed up. It's not permanent, but it will work for now. They love sleeping together right now and it has helped with staying in bed...for the most part. Sweet Baylor is going through a bit of a sensitive scared stage right now. He is taking after his mother and is extremely sensitive towards animals (or the death of) and gets freaked out by random things pretty easily. We had a pretty bad storm yesterday and I swore I saw a funnel cloud and proclaimed, "oh my gosh, is that a tornado?" Which we all know, is NOT what you say in front of a freaked out four year old. Now every time a cloud passes in front of this child, he asks if he's going to die in the tornado. Poor guy, stupid mom. He's also insisting on leaving the hallway light on (which is SOOOOOO bright) and the door cracked wide open. Will this child ever sleep? Someone give me some hope...tell me he'll sleep someday?!! I'm beginning to lose hope in ever getting a full night of sleep.


Crazy Mom said...

My house needs a cleaning. When can you come?

Janice said...

That's awesome about the cleaning! If I had the extra cash I would for sure hire you, I am not a fan of cleaning at all.
I certainly dont envy your location for Sauerkraut Days (except for a closer walk home in the heat) When we moved up here we lived in an apt downtown above Bills Tap (first weekend here was sauerkraut days). Of course we were 19 then too, so I guess it wasnt the same.
Next year can I come sit in the shadows with your garden hose? Or better yet, I could bring the power washer down, that could be fun.