Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Rain drops are falling on my head

Not really. There are big enormous drops of rain falling outside though. My hair could have told you that it would rain by the looks of it this morning, for I am a human barometer. My poor bike, sitting out in the rain. Days like this make me yearn for a garage. I'm certain I will live though.

Today's lovely activities have included and will include: (just in case you were wondering)
1. An early morning wake up call (6am) from two bouncy boys who crawled up into bed and gave me the best wake up smooches. Would have preferred it a little later, but that is what coffee is for.
2. Two hours by myself strolling the wide isles of Wally World looking for random items on my shopping list. Thanks Shannon and Alivia for watching the boys!
3. Received a package from Grandma Lila that had some pretty cool stuff for the boys
4. Making sure the baby toad didn't escape during nap time
5. Making word flash cards for my little reader. He is so excited and tries to read just about everything. I hope this continues!
6. Played referee to the two boys fighting over the cool things grandma sent.
7. Wishing I would have bought some dark chocolate for myself at Wally World but got super slimming undies instead. Really. They look like sausage casing and you wear them under the dress I have to wear this weekend for a wedding. Believe me, it killed me to spend $12 on one pair of flesh covered fat sucker pants. Hope it helps.
8. Bought Baylor a backpack for his first day of preschool...YIKES!....on September 8th. I'm freaking out already.
9. Still wishing for chocolate....that's what the fat sucker undies are for right?
10. Tonight I get to cut some boys' hair (that don't belong to me) and eat some yummy hot dogs while the boys play in a basement chocked full of super cool toys.
11. Ate 1/3 of beef....and loved every second of it.
12. Fed some fish. Don't worry Phil and Kim...they're still alive.
13. Run. I need to do a long run today and it's pouring. I love running in the rain though.
14. Thought about how it sucks that Lonnie started cross country and I won't see him until June.

So there.....rainy day list.

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