Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reason #134 not to take children under the age of four to a wedding....

Hi, it's me Baylor. I've decided to take over my mom's blog for tonight because she is still trying to find calming activities in order to recover from taking my little bro (aka Captain Chaos) and I to a wedding. Don't let this cute smile fool you, I'm fairly certain they made the movie Wedding Crashers about my brother and I. Don't get me wrong, my parents love me, but my little bro and I gave them a run for their money.

Here we see an example of how not to smile at the camera. I'm not sure what his problem was, you can clearly see that my angelic brother was reading the Bible! C'mon dad, lighten up a little. What you didn't see from this photo (besides the look of death from my dad) is that five minutes before, he was chasing the little Bible reading short one in the foyer. He's a fast little dude.

This is a great place for kids, an empty closet. I think my mom was thinking of shutting us in there at one point. Obviously Brody my man found it pretty amusing.

We did get to eat a whole lot of candy for many reasons, one of them being it was the only thing that was keeping us from running away and whining. I'm slightly puzzled by this face my mother is making, her eyes look as if she has been crying. It must have been the beautiful ceremony.

Here's happy man again giving me a hug......wait, that's not a hug that's a if-you-try-and-run-away-again-i'll-deck-you hug. He does look a little happier in this photo though.
Here is the beautiful bride Lauren. The wedding was great (besides the whole misbehaving beyond belief thing) She married Tim (see photo below) Just look at his face! Pure bliss. We did get to swim in the pool at the hotel which was a major bonus, see friends and eat cake. Mmmm cake. My parents have vowed not to take us to any more weddings and/or public places for a long time. I can't seem to figure it out though, I thought it was funny when Brody ran down the isle towards the bride, I mean...who wouldn't, she's a babe. I know my parents love me very much and by removing us gently from the ceremony was a "this hurts me more than it hurts you" moment. I was personally excited to get to dance, as you have seen before, I rule the dance floor....but my parents rule with an iron fist. Brody and I will just have to wait until the next wedding....

in like ten year.

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Sheryl T said...

I can't believe Lauren is married!! That picture of her looks like a painting. Hmmm, maybe a media you should try. I think you could pull it off.