Sunday, August 16, 2009

Spidey sense

Here is our little spiderman flinging a web at you.
...and then throwing a fit because he didn't want his picture taken.

So anyhoo, I had heard stories of children that had picked their own clothes for the day and came out wearing P.J's and ballerina costumes to school. I can barely get Baylor to dress himself let alone pick out an article of clothing. Getting him to put his own pants on is like pulling teeth....all of them. There are a few things in life that Baylor hates and putting clothes on by himself...and in general, is one of them. We happened to play over at someones house that had a stellar collection of costumes from past Halloweens and Baylor asked to borrow this spider man costume. He then decided that he wanted to wear it......all day......and it was 92 degrees out. This was the first real clothing decision he has ever made and I was thrilled. Yes, thrilled. I let him wear that costume all day long, I was so proud. My little boy is growing up and making decisions on his own. Even if they involve spider web covered spandex, he is thinking for himself! I was going to let him wear it to the grocery store before dad put his foot down.

Fun hater.


Crazy Mom said...

You should see our costume collection. My boys are total junkies, and even Maddie joins in the circus, what with her ballerina costumes and such.

Spidey at the grocery store is a-okay. Because really, you don't have to explain to people he dressed himself. Nate has taken to wearing 2 different shoes and/or 2 different socks. No harm no foul...

Janice said...

I have seen snow white and lots of other princesses and cowboys at the store before too. Makes me smile. Also love seeing kids in shorts and boots (have seen snowboots before too)

Jill Kapfer said...

I have gone to the mall with Abbie dressed as a princess, completely with a minnie mouse princess crown. Sometimes, it's not worth a battle!! :)