Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Workin the marble jar

So we are trying a new approach to the way we reward and discipline Baylor. We have instituted the marble jar into the daily routine. There is one jar for good behavior and one jar for bad behavior. It we catch him doing something good, he gets a marble in the good behavior jar and if he is naughty, it goes in the naughty jar. If he gets a certain amount of marbles in the good jar, he gets to pick a treat or small toy. If he gets too many in the naughty jar, we take away something he computer time (the kid is a whiz already!) or t.v time. It took a while to catch on, but now it's working like a charm...almost too well. Lonnie and I have found it very amusing to watch him go out of his way...really out of his way, to do something nice. He'll also make an announcement like, "Mom, I'm going to pick that piece of paper up and put it in the garbage can can give me a marble for that." We're still working on the, "you know you can do good things without reward too," thing. It seems to be working, his attitude is changing and he has become more conscious of his actions which was the point in the beginning. He is however, working that marble jar. We also have an old gumball machine that has M&M's in it. It takes any form of change but we give the boys an option of saving their money (which they earn) or using it to get about 5 M&M's. So far they've chosen the candy each time (I would too!) so we'll see where this heads.

It's the beginning to Sauerkraut Days here in Lisbon. It's the 100th anniversary of that glorious town festival where people pee in my front yard, steal my flag and our windows rattle with bass from the band at 12am. Aside from the crazy drunken fools running around, it's actually pretty fun. The boys can enjoy some of the festivities this year and there will be fireworks. We're going to try to keep them up for those. I am running the Kraut Route 5k on Saturday morning (wish me luck!) my first road race since before kids. I'm nervous, but I did get new shoes and my shins feel much better. I have to remember to pace myself....I'm a sprinter at heart! I'll let you know how it goes!


Kim said...

We get a lot of, "Mom, that was a marble!" around here. They're so subtle at this age.

laura b. said...

I did smiley faces and sad faces in my classroom. More smiley faces at the end of the day equaled a class prize. They decided on things they wanted to win, we wrote them on cards, and each morning we secretly picked a card to be the mystery motivator. That way the reward changed and they stayed excited about. It was also good for me to see those days with more smiley faces and realize they weren't all bad. Stuff like this usually only works if they are successful frequently at the beginning so keep catching him doing nice things!