Friday, August 14, 2009

Wrestle mania

Wrestle mania, Speidel style.

This is the part where Baylor sets down the ground rules of wrestle mania. He has to make sure he has his father's full attention, which means squeezing the living day lights out of his face. Got it? Sometimes I have to do that to his father as well....whatever it takes to make sure he understands who's boss. (That would be Baylor of course)
Then they double team him. Two soggy boys and one dog butt.
Next comes the karate chop in the face. My personal fave.
Then comes a fake, "oh my aching head," grab. I also use this technique when things get a little sticky on the home front. Works like a charm.
No wrestle mania is complete without a head pounce and crotch grab. I mean c' who doesn't love a good ole jab to the family jewels. Looks like we won't be having any more children anytime soon.

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jamie said...

i'm sicker than a dog today- in bed all day.. and i just read this post. i'm dying.. i mean dying laughing.. and hoping i won't puke all at the same time!
you are hilarious